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What is pre pot seo ? This term we need to use before writing. So many things we need to check before writing and after writing. We will tal about some important thing about pre post seo yes its very important that term will help us there are also some tools available for check pre post seo 

Plagiarism Checker

Your content material can be labelled as “Duplicate” if it has a excessive share of twist of fate with another’s work. When this duplication occurs, in addition to being an educational problem, it may additionally additionally have felony consequences. Plagiarism checker is one of the most awesome facets supplied by using https://www.check-plagiarism.com

Now you will be capable to test the plagiarism of the content material without delay in Microsoft workplace tools. It will spotlight the plagiarized strains in MS Word, so you don’t have to take a look at them manually. The Pre post seo Microsoft add-on will test the plagiarism in your content material with the effort of simply one click. It will additionally inform you the share of area of expertise and plagiarism. The plagiarism checker characteristic will contain the following factors:

Check the content material of the report in tens of millions of net pages

Compare outcomes with simply one click

Check the sentence one by means of one

Display special percentage

Check each and every phrase in your post

Real-time checking

This kind of characteristic works with an on-line database that incorporates a sizeable quantity of work from sources like:

Documents from different participants

Academic articles and blogs already published

Databases from extraordinary publishers

Check grammar and spelling mistakes

Readers usually relate the first-rate of the content material to the satisfactory of the service. Even in a brief text, the diploma of professionalism and interest to element is appreciated. Any form of mistake, both spelling or grammar, motives a poor impact on the picture you desire to give. So, it is best if your content material is free from grammar and spelling mistakes. Well, from now on, you don’t have to fear about these mistakes.

Pre post seo add-in will additionally supply the facility of grammar and spell checking via its environment friendly algorithms and enormous database. This function consists of the following attributes:

Check spelling mistakes

Check grammatical errors

Give sentence styling suggestions

What does paraphrasing mean?

The concept behind paraphrasing is that you are restating some thing already stated in a text. The concept right here is to make clear what used to be mentioned, however you maintain the identical idea. It’s extensively used in speeches, more often than not due to the fact it takes out useless bits of information. At the identical time, it additionally approves you to shorten the sentence.

Paraphrasing And   rewriting  ?


A lot of human beings use paraphrasing as a way of the usage of solely the great thoughts from a text. This works surely well, and a lot of humans discover it very handy to do. Granted, it does take a bit of experimentation to see which thoughts stand out and what wants to be removed, however it’s nicely really worth the effort.

pre post seo

What does rewriting mean?

Unlike paraphrasing, rewriting focuses on deleting the authentic content material and writing it once more the use of special phrases whilst keeping the supposed which means of the statement. This would possibly make it sound extraordinarily comparable to paraphrasing; however, there is a distinction here. Unlike paraphrasing, rewriting retains all the unique information.

You’re now not slicing or disposing of data when you rewrite, however in basic terms the usage of distinct phrases to make the content material sound different. For paraphrasing, you’re essentially rearranging the most necessary elements of the text. It works certainly well, and in the end, you will discover your self immersed in the complete trip in a very innovative way.

                     Ranked Keywords

There’s an ongoing debate amongst SEOs as to whether or not you ought to nevertheless be monitoring key-word rankings. Personally, I suppose you truely should, so for this post, I’ve determined to share my ideas and provide an overview on the issue.

I favor to show to you why monitoring rankings is nonetheless applicable and vital to search engine marketing success. You'll analyze how perception the rank role of precise key phrases can information your website positioning efforts.

Now, earlier than we go on, I admit that there are certainly many challenges with monitoring rankings properly.

Localized SERPs, SERP features, and many extra elements alternate rankings for customers on an man or woman basis. In spite of this, however, rating facts nonetheless can provide an exceptional wealth of web optimization insights that you can't get somewhere else.

Search quantity is the approximate quantity of month-to-month searches for a unique keyword. The facts is supplied in the framework of the chosen search engine, language, and location. It’s extracted from Google Adwords. Click on the checkmark icon subsequent to the fee to find out how a keyword’s search extent has been altering over time.

Competition represents the relative quantity of opposition related with a sure key-word in paid SERP only. We show it as the variety from zero to one.

CPC (Cost per Click) refers to the encouraged bid for a specific keyword, in accordance to Google Adwords.

Positions indicates the cutting-edge role of the special internet site for a positive keyword.
Results rely shows the quantity of outcomes in SERP for a sure keyword.

ETV (Estimated Traffic Volume) is an estimation of internet site site visitors that can be pushed by way of a sure keyword. It is calculated by way of the following formula: search quantity * visitors distribution rate.

Traffic Cost indicates how a lot paid visitors would price in case you launch a PPC campaign. This records will allow you to estimate how profitable your SEO-campaign is, and, if necessary, make a choice on the price range reallocation.

Meta Tag And Description

Meta tags are snippets of textual content that describe a page’s content; the meta tags don’t show up on the web page itself, however solely in the page’s supply code. Meta tags are truly little content material descriptors that assist inform search engines what a internet web page is about.

The solely distinction between tags you can see (on a blogpost, say) and tags you can’t see is location: meta tags solely exist in HTML, normally at the “head” of the page, and so are solely seen to search engines (and humans who recognize the place to look). The “meta” stands for “metadata,” which is the form of statistics these tags furnish – information about the records on your page.

A meta description is an HTML aspect that presents a short precis of a net page. A page’s meta description tag is displayed as section of the search snippet in a search engine outcomes web page (SERP) and is supposed to provide the consumer an thinking of the content material that exists inside the web page and how it relates to their search query.

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